Steve Savage über die Zeit im Studio bei den Aufnahmen zu „longer than the night“

Latest adventure in production

Posted on 28.11.2011 by steve savage (

It’s been a daring two months since we set out to record Felix’s debut record. None of knew really what to expect. We had great gear to work with but a strange area in which to record the album. We found ourselves setting up a makeshift studio in an old German bunker next a huge factory where they produced machine parts for the war. Inside, the atmosphere was lacking warmth but we found that our fire for making this record would be more than enough to make up for it. In fact, it earned itself the name “Funkbunker Studio” We plastered egg cartons all over the walls to try and kill as much reflection of sound as we could. We took big slabs of used carpet to create our makeshift sound-scape. We filled bright yellow Deutsche Post crates full of ice and gently nestled colas and heffeweizens between the stark chill of the cubes. We bought enough snacks to feed a small army. Then, at a moment’s notice, we recorded our first notes. It was a great feeling. We were on our way. We were thrilled with the first tones we got from the acoustic guitar. They were exceptional. These would prove later to be inadmissible due to the fact that, in our excitement to get started, we failed to take note of the fact that the guitar was out of tune. Fail! Not to fear. We rallied a comeback and ended up with an even better take.

The next months would prove to be a lot of work. Always coming up with ways to get around the fact that we were recording in such adverse conditions. But we pulled through. We gave it all we had.

The Cd release party for “Longer than the night” will be held in December.

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